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Here at Greendale Farm we are licensed to hold up to 70 dogs. We have 2 separate kennel blocks, the Old Block and Sally’s New Block.

Greendale Farm Kennels

Old Block

The old kennel building was built in the 1970’s, it had a complete renovation within the building 4 years ago. We removed all the interior walls and ceiling and completely rebuilt using new higher grade insulation and metal caging to produce a wonderful new environment for the dogs. Each kennel has its own heat lamps and an outside run. We mainly use this kennel block for the larger breeds or if 2 or more dogs come in from the same family.

Sally’s New Block

We have a new kennel block which was built in 2011 with 20 kennels including 2 double kennels. This kennel block works on a pop-hatch system so the dogs have access inside and outside all day. All the kennels are fitted with individual heat lamps.

Greendale Farm Kennels


Cash or Card payment is fine. Payment in full on arrival.

SMALL – £14.40
MEDIUM – £15.60
LARGE – £16.80
GIANT – £18.00

2 Dogs sharing 10% Discount will be given.

Also, if you pick up between 8.30 am and 9 am Monday to Saturday you will not be charged for that day.

CHRISTMS PERIOD – prices will be increased, please see our regular updated Facebook page nearer the time for any key information.

SUMMER / CHRISTMAS PERIOD – Deposits will be asked for to secure bookings, however you will receive this back once you pay on arrival for your boarding. Thankyou.

Please read below some more information that may help with any questions you may have.

Greendale Farm Kennels

Veterinary Treatment, Veterinary Details and Giving Medication

Your dog will be insured during their stay with us. Veterinary fees for new and pre-existing conditions may be incurred on behalf of the owner, at the manager’s discretion.

We are always happy to continue any veterinary treatment your dog may be on, so long as details of all treatment is provided, including name and telephone number of your vet.

If your dog requires veterinary attention whilst in our care, we mainly try to use the vets you already have your dog registered to. Here at Greendale Farm we use Crossroads Veterinary Centre in High Wycombe for any emergency cases because they are on call 24 hours a day.

Tel: 01494 459095

All the senior members of staff are experienced with giving medications (even injections) we do not charge extra for giving your pet medication, in or out of hours. We do ask that you bring the medication in a labelled container with clear instructions when they need to be given and the dosage.

Bedding and Toys and Treats

We are happy to accept items such as bedding and toys, as these may help your pet settle into its new environment. We provide plastic beds and fleeces in all the kennels, so we do ask that if you bring in bedding that it will fit in our plastic beds and it MUST BE CLEARLY NAMED, if the bedding can be machine washable just in case it gets heavily soiled, also our strict hygiene practices occasionally oblige us to throw away bedding you have bought in if it gets heavily soiled. We do provide bonio’s here but you are more than welcome to bring in any treats you know your dog likes. We do not give bones, raw hide or any other treat that is long lasting that can be a choking hazard.


We ask that your dog is fully vaccinated for their stay, we require the yearly booster vaccination and the kennel cough vaccine. A current vaccination certificate will need to be seen. All Vaccinations must be up to date a minimum of 14 days before entry. If the vaccinations have not been done then unfortunately we will have to deny your dog entry. If you do not bring in your vaccination certificate then we do have a £5 administration fee for calls we will have to make to your vet.


We try to keep your pets feeding routine as close to what they are used to, we do stock a range of adult foods, which we would be happy to feed your dog on. We do recommend that if your pet has a delicate tummy or is on a special diet / brand of food, or is on puppy food that you supply it yourself. Please let us know if you feed your large breed from a raised bowl as we provide the stands and hooks which attach onto the kennels.

The food we provide – Dry food

Fish and Rice flavoured James Wellbeloved
Chicken and Rice flavoured House Complete

Wet food

Jollyes own everydog meat
Nature Diet


We walk the dogs once a day, maybe twice in the quiet times. We have a large paddock area where we let dogs off the lead to have a run around and play with the tennis ball. We have a field that we use for the dogs that have to stay on the lead, and then we also have a ‘side paddock’ attached to Sally’s new block kennels that we use for the older or smaller breeds that can also go off lead.

Behaviour in kennels

The majority of the dogs love staying here with us, but a handful may find the adjustment difficult to cope with. Our staff have a huge amount of experience between them and know how to react around a stressed dog. Our main concern is the welfare of your dog; some dogs may not let us handle them even with a lot of encouragement. We will do everything in our power to make your pets stay as comfortable as possible and to look after them until your return. In some instances, your dog may not want us to handle them no matter how much encouragement we give them, we will try our hardest to build their trust, this may not work. In severe cases, we may need to contact whoever has been named as the contact or we will advise you of the behaviour displayed when collecting your dog.